Monday, 29 April 2013

Caviar & Pistachio Ice Cream Nails!

Longtime no blog, I am so sorry about the prolonged silence I have been caught up in horrible assignments for uni that I haven't had time for anything else, but I'm back now (for the time being) and looking forward to catching up on some serious blogging.

As those of you who follow me on twitter will know last week I spent a ridiculous amount of money on nail varnish, and by ridiculous I mean somewhere in the region of £66.60 plus another £3 on a bottle of MUA Nail Constellations bringing my grand total to a whopping £69.60, wow that's a lot more money than I thought. No one tell my mum.

Anyway I bought a lot of nail varnish and today I decided that I wanted to try caviar nails, and they are amazing!

L-R: MUA Nail Constellations, MUA in Pistachio Ice Cream, O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow

I am loving that we are finally having some sunshine and what's more I am loving pastel colours at the moment. I decided to road test one of my new MUA polishes as I have never tried any MUA products before. I used Pistachio Ice Cream because it is just the prettiest pale green, that and the nail beads I bought were turquoise and green and I thought that would work really well.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow

On first application it was quite watery so I took it off and did two coats of O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow (see above.)

MUA in Pistachio Ice Cream

Before reapplying two coats of Pistachio Ice Cream and voila completely opaque. I thought the colour was totally gorgeous and was even tempted to leave it but I really wanted to try MUA's Nail Constellations.

Initially I was going to try caviar-ing (that's not a word but it really should be) all of my nails but after having tried one I decided against it. Too much would have been major overkill. While the paint on my ring finger was still wet I poured the beads onto my nail and gently pressed them into the polish with my finger. It is so ridiculously easy that I managed it without too many problems however it is so messy, I am still finding beads all over my bedroom and this was hours ago.

MUA in Pistachio Ice Cream & MUA Nail Constellations

The picture doesn't do justice to how awesome my nails looked BUT sadly it doesn't last long, a big concern for me, as a slowly rehabilitating nail biter, was that I would be tempted to chew it off the way I do with glitter polishes but it didn't last long enough for me to do that. I washed my hands once and most of the beads had gone which was a little bit disappointing. If I was doing my nails for a special occasion I would get up early (perish the thought) to do them that day and pray that I wouldn't chew it all off.

What do you think? Would you try Caviar Nails? Have you? And does anyone have any tips to stop nail biting? I'm slowly getting there but I’m still tempted. You can contact me on here or twitter, and while you’re there check me out on facebook, BlogLovin, instagram & pinterest.

 Love love love xxx

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