Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A few of my favourite things...

So I thought I'd hit the ground running with this blog and tell you wonderful people - and if you're reading this you are wonderful :) - about some of my favourite things. I'm very excited.

Favourite Thing #1

So to start off I thought I'd share my favourite song, or one of my favourites at least, and that is The Freshmen by The Verve Pipe. I first heard this song in the background of an episode of How I met your Mother (another favourite thing) and then again in American Pie Reunion and I very quickly became obsessed. And by obsessed I mean if this song was a person they would have gotten a restraining order by now. This song makes me wish I came of age in the nineties when it first came out. I listen to it at least once a day if not more and my play count is currently on 405.
Check it out here, fall in love with it's moody nineties awesomness, listen to it repeatedly (as I have done) - preferably whilst rocking a super grungey nineties look complete with ripped fishnets, boots, checked shirt and tons of eyeliner - and let me know what you think.

Favourite Thing 2:

Despite being a lifelong nail biter I truly love painting my tiny, bitten nails. In fact this is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received.

My favourite nail polish of all time is O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Bogota Blackberry. Red is one of my favourite colours and this deep red is so shiny and pretty I just want my nails that colour all the time... now if I only I could just stop biting them... my nails would be even prettier.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer, in my opinion is totally worth the fairly hefty price tag, the colours are stunning and wearable and it only takes two coats and you're good to go. I've been wearing it for ages and I am still on my first bottle. Try it, love it.

Please ignore my pathetically short nails. I am trying to stop.

Favorite Thing 3:

MAC Blusher in Dame. I have been a long time admirer of MAC makeup but I didn't actually own any until I went to New York (my most favourite thing <3) last summer. I didn't actually wear blusher until I discovered this beauty of a product. This blusher is so lovely, it goes on like a dream and it gives my cheeks a lovely rosy glow. If you're incredibly pale like me - I make Casper the friendly ghost look tanned and healthy and he's dead! - then this is the PERFECT blusher for you. I adore it and dread the day when I run out of it.

I'm gonna leave it there tonight you lovely lot. Will be back soon with more of my favourite things and maybe some other stuff too. In the meantime please check me out on twitter, facebook, BlogLovin, instagram & pinterest or comment below, I would love to hear about your favourite things. 

Until next time... 

Love love love xxx

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